OurPact Schedule Screen Time

For parents seeking to establish a consistent routine at home, you may be able to use smartphones and tablets to your advantage. With OurPact, you now have the power to schedule screen time throughout the day, according to the routines you set.

In a sense, you’re using your child’s fondness for technology to help them learn responsible device use. It works like this: parents schedule screen time to be blocked during mealtimes, shower times, family time, bed time, and so forth every day. With OurPact’s internet and app blocker, parents have found their kids are less likely to become distracted and eventually graduate into the new family routine.

How It Works

Using OurPact to Schedule Screen Time

The best part about the OurPact parental control solution is the “set it and forget it” nature. Rest assured, if a scheduled block is in place for 7:00-7:30am every morning to make time for breakfast, the block will be in place every day until changed by the parent.

Create new screen time schedules and establish a healthy family routine using OurPact.