OurPact Internet Blocker

Many parents today experienced the early years of the internet. We remember the conventional parental controls: monitoring online activity, checking chat logs, and reviewing browser history. Unfortunately things have changed and the traditional “parental controls” do not apply to mobile devices and mobile apps.

Now, as parents, we seek ways to reduce the amount of time our children spend staring at smartphones and tablets throughout the day. Helping solve today’s parenting problems is the OurPact internet and app blocker. It disables all web browsers and mobile apps on and Android devices at-a-touch or through scheduled internet blocking.

Internet Blocker for Android

OurPact is modern parental control for your child’s Android devices. Manage screen time by instantly blocking and granting access to your child’s devices at a moment’s notice. Or you can create schedules according to school hours and bed times. Compared to traditional ways of managing your children’s internet access, OurPact empowers parents to tackle the real problem at hand: blocking internet and managing screen time.