OurPact Places

Never Ask "Where are you?" Again

Keeping track of your kids can feel like a full-time job. With OurPact, parents can create geofences around specific locations to ensure their kids are safe and connected. With a touch – or an alert! – OurPact will share your kid's location, at any time. Talk about peace of mind!

How It Works

Peace of Mind

OurPact’s Family Locator brings an end to:

  • Back-and-forth texts and calls coordinating pickups.
  • Worrying about your children’s safety and whereabouts.
  • Frantic searches for lost devices (usually shoved under a sofa pillow!)
  • Nagging your children to see if they’ve arrived safely at their destination

Where to Start:

We recommend creating Places for home, your child’s school, family/friend's houses, and any other location your child spends time frequently. We’ll take it from there.